Our Program

The ministry of Manna House Malawi is a weekday program that provides for orphans of Matchakaza, Mtambo, and Msechi villages by providing:

  • Nutritional meals
  • Early education and tutoring for school age orphans
  • School supplies
  • The ability to attend school and uniforms when necessary
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ, Bible lessons, singing and fellowship
  • Some medical care
  • Supplies of hygiene products
  • After school tutoring and mentoring by local college students

In addition to the provisions for orphans, Manna House Malawi provides a positive impact on the surrounding villages by:

  • Providing a community well for clean drinking water
  • Occasional free clinics
  • Some employment opportunities
  • Utilizing as many local providers of supplies and services as possible, thereby making an economic impact on the community