Our Vision

Manna House Malawi, located in Matchakaza, Mtambo, and Msechi Villages, rural but populous areas on the outskirts of Lilongwe, exists to bring hope to the hopeless by giving these orphans the care they need to live healthy lives.. Orphan children are often taken in by extended family, but those families are usually unable to provide even their basic necessities. Nutrition, health care, and education are out of reach for these orphans. That is where Manna House Malawi helps. Manna House Malawi gives hope to these orphans by providing a nutritional daily meal, some basic health care, school uniforms, and school supplies.

In addition to providing for the orphan children, Manna House Malawi provides a positive economic impact on the surrounding community by employing men and women from the surrounding villages during the construction of the care and feeding center.

Cooks, managers, and other support personnel are provided ongoing employment at Manna House Malawi.